Eleanor Philpot

Drake Music launches paper on musical inclusion

5:22, 12th February 2020

Drake Music has released a new paper that focuses on musical inclusion.

What is inclusion? Making music is the key! is a new paper released by Drake Music, a national charity working in the areas of music, disability and technology. The paper looks at how music can be more inclusive, outlining four key areas of focus: ‘belonging’, ‘understanding’, ‘participating’ and ‘achieving’. ‘Belonging’ asks that participants feel welcome and are able to be themselves; ‘understanding’ considers how everyone can be taken seriously and have their opinions heard; ‘participating’ focuses on being given choices and having fun; and ‘achieving’ prioritises personal growth, confidence and self-esteem.

The paper was written by the disabled musician and activist John Kelly, who commented: ‘Inclusion is a hot topic in music education and the arts, but do we really understand what we mean by it? Are we all on the same page when it comes to what inclusion actually is? And is our understanding informed by lived experience? With this paper we don’t want to defend or define inclusion. We want to call for radical and bold action to end the justification of excluding practice.’

To download the paper (available in pdf, EasyRead and audio formats), visit www.drakemusic.org/what-is-inclusion-making-music-is-the-key

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