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Cancelled GCSE and A Level exams will be replaced with teacher-assessed grades.

Harriet Clifford

GCSE and A Level exams replaced by teacher-assessed grades

2:37, 6th January 2021

Teacher-assessed grades will replace cancelled GCSE and A Level exams in England, education secretary Gavin Williamson has announced today. 

Following school closures due to the third nationwide coronavirus lockdown, Williamson has told MPs that this year he would ‘trust in teachers rather than algorithms’ to decide on students’ final exam results. 

It is now down to exam regular Ofqual to decide how this will work, but the education secretary confirmed that training and support will be provided ‘to ensure [grades] are awarded fairly and consistently across the country.’

Williamson also said that three to five hours of ‘high-quality remote education’ would be ‘mandatory’ for schools to provide each day. 

January vocational exams including BTecs are still going ahead for some students, with the decision falling on individual schools and colleges. For students unable to take their exams, Pearson has said students with ‘enough evidence to receive a certificate that they need for progression’ will be awarded a grade. 

Students unable to sit their January exams ‘may be able to take their assessment at a later date’. 

Gavin Williamson also added: ‘I will not let schools be closed for a moment longer than they need to be’. 

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