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Nursery Rhymes is one of three catergories created for the animations

Fiona Simpson

Lego and West One Music release new series of animations

4:05, 5th May 2020

Popular children’s brand Lego Duplo has teamed up with West One Music Group and  animation platform Tongal to produce a series of new animations.

The new videos will be set to well-known children’s songs with themes including happy birthday, lullaby songs and nursery rhymes.

The 21 animations and songs, set to be released over the next few months, are designed to inspire creativity and encourage families to sing together, Lego Duplo said.

Keith Malone, senior director of content development at the Lego group said: “We are very excited about bringing Lego Duplo to life through the new Lego Duplo animations and songs. Being a parent myself, I can really see how singing sparks joy and excitement with toddlers while also improving essential developmental and social skills. We hope that families will have lots of fun together while creating wonderful shared memories and playful experiences through these new songs.”

The first set of songs will be available to stream for free on YouTube.

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