Rhinegold Photo credit: Sheffield Music Hub
Musical Stars performing at Hubfest - Sheffield Music Hub's multistage festival at Yellow Arch Studios

Harriet Clifford

More young musicians recruited to Sheffield Music Hub’s talent programme

11:41, 13th November 2020

Sheffield Music Hub has announced the recruitment of 30 more young musicians to its Furthering Talent – Musical Stars programme, which helps young people from low income families continue their music education. 

Designed by and run through UK charity Awards for Young Musicians (AYM), the Furthering Talent programme allows students to continue playing music when their state-funding instrumental lessons end.

It does this through funding tuition on an instrument of the student’s choice and providing termly musical events and Individual Learning Plans (ILP). Each Musical Star also has access to free instrument hire.

The additional places have been provided through funding from Awards for Young Musicians and the Friends and Volunteers of the Hub. 

Sheffield is one of 10 Hubs around the UK delivering this programme, and AYM plans to increase this to 15 over the next year. With the continued support of Youth Music, it is hoped that Furthering Talent will reach at least 500 young people in England by 2021. 

Ian Naylor, head of Music Education at Sheffield Music Hub, said, ‘We know that music beats in every corner of our city – it is our job to listen and make sure every young musician is given the support they need to reach their full potential. We are really excited to provide these new opportunities to our young people.  

‘This, however, is only the beginning of our journey. There are still countless children and young people within our city going without the opportunities that others may take for granted. Too many young people are held back from exploring their full musical potential due to a lack of support, while others are denied the opportunity to ever get started.’ 



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