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Students are now able to take exams online up to Grade 8.

Fiona Simpson

Music exams move online amid pandemic

4:19, 5th May 2020

Aspiring musicians can now complete graded music exams from home as part of a new scheme developed by the London College of Music Examinations (LCME) at the University of West London (UWL).

The digital exams offered by examination body LCME will allow candidates to perform for examiners from home during lockdown.

Anyone studying up to Grade 4 can now undertake online exams with live assessments by experienced LCME examiners.

Alternatively, students can choose recorded exams and record a performance and upload the video to a newly developed, secure platform for assessment.

Currently available up to Grade 8, Recorded Exams will incorporate the discussion and technical work components, and candidates can select performance pieces from the relevant LCME set list, or equivalent from another accredited body.

The move is designed to offer a reliable, independent and regulated assessment option for students who do not wish to postpone until face-to-face teaching resumes.

Merv Young, head of LCM examinations at UWL, said: “With a strong reputation for innovative and flexible exam formats, LCME is well placed to ensure that musicians from all styles of music see their hard work and dedication rewarded with a recognised and regulated qualification.

“Our priority is to provide an alternative to face-to-face examining, and these new measures will ensure our candidates’ hard work and preparations will not go to waste despite the challenging circumstances we are all faced with.”

Find out how to convert to digital exams via the LCME website.   

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