Rhinegold This year's Music Mark conference took place at Cutler's Hall in Sheffield

Eleanor Philpot

Music Mark conference 2019

9:45, 3rd December 2019

With this year’s theme being ‘Play the Bigger Game’ the Music Mark conference made for some important discussion including inclusivity and the link between composition and creativity.

Held at Cutler’s Hall in Sheffield from 21 – 22 November,  the event opened with a welcome speech from Magid Magid, the former mayor of Sheffield who spoke of how young people’s music ‘has the power to get people through the day, give life meaning and most importantly to inspire and empower others’. The second keynote, delivered by Susanna Eastburn, CEO of Sound and Music, explored the power of creativity in composition and how ‘creative skills are the ones that will be most useful in the future’.

There were also several notable performances throughout the two-day event including Doncaster Music Hub’s great young jazz group, Full Fat Funk, and some Friday afternoon songs by pupils from Kingswood Parks Primary School in Hull in celebration of Benjamin Britten’s 106th birthday.

The 30 sessions on offer throughout the event –  providing opportunities for music leaders and classroom teachers – took in a broad geographical reach, from Devon to the Tees Valley, and demonstrated the various exciting opportunities available for young people to engage with music. While this is the case for many students up and down the country, the conference took time to reflect upon the need to further expand the accessibility and diversity of music education.

Next year’s Music Mark event will be held on 19 and 20 November in Brighton. To find out more about the event, visit: https://www.musicmark.org.uk/

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