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'Drumming Up Character' teaches social-emotional learning through rhythm-based activities

Harriet Clifford

New online tool teaches social-emotional learning through music

9:31, 30th October 2020

US-based Dancing Drum has launched Drumming Up Character, an online curriculum providing a music-focused framework for character education and social-emotional learning for ages 5-12. 

The programme features more than 80 interactive lessons and is designed to build children’s understanding of ten character traits through rhythms, raps, language arts, social studies, and visual art activities. 

Starting at $50, the programmes include lessons on character traits such as respect, responsibility, self-control, integrity, perseverance, and courage. Within each trait’s ‘classroom’, there are lessons using rhythm, rap, rap and rhythm combined, Adinkra, plus profiles and actions based on the traits. 

On 14 November at 7pm GMT, Dancing Drum is hosting a free Drumming Up Character Teacher Training on Zoom for all primary school Music teachers, Fine Arts administrators, and student teachers enrolled in a music education degree programme. 

Dancing Drum’s artistic and managing director, Lindsay Rust, said, ‘In this new era when so much is moving online and families are facing very challenging educational realities for their children, we wanted to create an inspirational resource that really engages kids and gets them excited to learn about the meaning of good character.

‘Moving off the printed page and onto a dynamic website where we can include interactive video and audio content with colourful, engaging graphics is a real game-changer.’


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