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New Stravinsky podcast for teachers and students from Boosey & Hawkes

1:10, 5th February 2021

In honour of the 50th anniversary of the death of Igor Stravinsky, classical music publisher Boosey & Hawkes has released the Stravinsky Connections Podcast hosted by Oxford University’s Johnathan Cross and intended to provide a valuable resource for teachers and students.

The five episodes, which began at the end of January, highlight the composer’s extensive professional achievements, accompanied by a selection of musical examples to illustrate the range of his works.

Cross, who recently authored a critical biography of Stravinsky, will take listeners through the composer’s fascination with time and rhythm, as well as explore his wider interests across art, literature, myth, faith, dance and jazz.

Cross said: ‘It’s been a great pleasure to work with Boosey & Hawkes to think afresh about the music of Stravinsky in his 50th anniversary year. With so much music vying for listeners’ attention today, how do you interest new, younger audiences in Stravinsky? And how do you invite those already familiar with the music to listen with new ears?

‘The joy of Stravinsky’s output is its variety – of medium, style and expression. What we’ve tried to do in these podcasts is capture some of this remarkable range, and to put Stravinsky’s work in its context. I do hope they offer a helpful “way in” to the music.’

In the UK, Stravinsky’s The Rite of Spring is listed in the New Directions section of Edexcel’s A Level Music and neo-classical style is listed as a Focus for Learning in OCR A Level Music.

Listen to the podcast on your usual podcast streaming service or visit the website.

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