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NYBBGB partners with Royal Marines Band Service

1:10, 12th February 2021

The collaboration between the National Youth Brass Band of Great Britain and the Royal Marines band is believed to be the first of its kind between a national youth music organisation and the armed forces.

This article originally appeared on Classical Music

The partnership will see the 80-strong Youth Band and the 60-strong Children’s Band join with the Royal Marines Band Service (RMBS) in a series of ongoing performance and educational projects.

It was born out of a conversation between NYBBGB CEO Mark Bromley and Youth Band alumnus Sam Hairsine, who is now a director of music in the Royal Marines Band Service.

The RMBS was founded in 1903, and provides music for the Royal Navy, Defence and the State.

Mark Bromley, NYBBGB chief executive, said: ‘This exciting partnership will see the two organisations collaborating on a number of music and education projects. The values of the RMBS align closely with our own, there is so much that our students can learn from the Royal Marines beyond music.’

Watch a joint online performance of Dan Price’s Andromeda, reworked for brass band and wind band, below.


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