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London Music Masters responds to model music curriculum story

10:53, 26th March 2019

On 22 March, we reported on further details regarding the new model music curriculum that is currently being developed by the Department for Education. We asked that anyone with further information or commentary should get in touch. Since then, Music Teacher has heard from the executive director for London Music Masters, Rob Adediran:

‘London Music Masters is one of those organisations which, in Nick Gibbs’ words offered to “participate in development of the model curriculum”. To answer your question [as to the timeline of offers being made], our offer was submitted ahead of the announcement that ABRSM was appointed as the contractor. We contacted the chair of the expert panel with our offer prompted not by a desire to lead a process (we were unaware that there was a process to lead, wrongly assuming that the panel chair would be doing this) but because of the lack of representation on the panel. 10 out of the 15 panellists are men, 13 out of the 15 have white ethnicities and there are no acting classroom teachers, or curriculum specialists. Many of these criticisms have been voiced by others, but it strikes me that your desire for a more robust process regarding appointing a contractor could be similarly directed to whatever process was used to appoint the panellists. There are yet more questions regarding the purpose of modelling a curriculum that is not statutory, why practitioners would sign up to it, what resources would be available to deliver it and why the energy isn’t being focused on addressing the weaknesses in the existing statutory curriculum.

‘I have strayed in my comments perhaps a little further than you requested, but London Music Masters supports your championing of greater transparency in this process, thank you!’

London Music Masters is a music education charity that teaches entire classes of inner city primary school children to play the violin or cello. With an emphasis upon the highest quality of teaching, London Music Masters has transformed the lives and prospects of nearly 2,500 children and their families since its foundation in 2008. For more information, visit its website.

Music Teacher wholeheartedly supports the points raised by Adediran and is researching the process behind the appointment of the panellists to the best of our abilities. Again, anyone with further information should email music.teacher@rhinegold.co.uk

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