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Resources to go with the production have also been made available.

Fiona Simpson

Scottish Opera releases popular production of Fever! online

4:19, 19th May 2020

The Scottish Opera has released its child-friendly production of Fever! online. 

Created especially for children in Years 5, 6 and 7, the show, which was first performed in 2011, features music by Alan Penman and lyrics by Allan Dunn. A staple of many Scottish schools’ calendars, this is the very first time an online version of the tour has been made available, bringing the funny and fast-moving story to living rooms up and down the country, culminating in a nationwide virtual performance at the end of June. 

Until 15 June, audio teaching tracks and videos, lyrics and activity materials, covering topics including creative writing, science experiments and tips on how to make props and costumes from home, will be posted on the Scottish Opera website. 

Scottish Opera’s director of outreach and education, Jane Davidson said: “For people of all ages who think opera plot lines can’t be relevant to the present day, there isn’t a more powerful example of the benefits using music and the other expressive arts to support cross curricular education, than Scottish Opera’s Primary Schools opera; Fever!

“In the context of the current pandemic, and updated and adapted for online participation, the subject matter is perfectly balanced between a fantastical and accessible musical story that youngsters – both at home or still at school – can enjoy interacting with, underpinned by an age appropriate message explaining the principles of microbiology and virology.

“Added to which, is the opportunity to help our children and young people explore the increasingly worrying phenomenon known as ‘fake news’. Equipping them with the skills to recognise and challenge fake news is widely acknowledged as a key coping mechanism for life in the 21st century, and it’s all wrapped up in one funny and fact filled opera experience.”

To access Fever! resources visit www.scottishopera.org.uk/fever

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