Harriet Clifford

Young Kenyan rap artists release ‘wake up call for young people’

11:03, 13th January 2021

Three of Kenya’s rising rap artists have released Pray for Nature, a new music video spreading awareness of deforestation and its impact on the global climate crisis. 

Anderson Mwakazi (aka Harshkid Luckystah), Benard Kaisa (aka Benkaizah) and Simon Mwanjala (aka Popsodah) hope to inspire environmental activism after experiencing first-hand the effects of deforestation to clear land for farming. 

Mwakazi lives in the Kasigau Corridor, a severe drought region in SE Kenya, where his family and neighbours are subsistence farmers. He said, ‘My generation is increasingly anxious about the climate crisis – we don’t know if our lives will be cut short or if current harsh conditions will get even worse. It is overwhelming and causing young people serious depression.

‘Climate scientists have been warning our leaders since before I was born but unfortunately for us, they have not acted. I wrote this song as a wake up call for young people to stand up and demand that corporate and political leaders take immediate action to do what’s right for the children of the world before it’s really too late.’

Pray for Nature was sponsored by conservation business Wildlife Works and its partner Everland. Wildlife Works protects wildlife, forests and communities in the Kasigau Corridor and carries out youth education on environmental issues. 

Watch the music video here: 

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