Ashutosh Khandekar

In Opera Now July/August: Anush Hovhannisyan – the face of opera’s future

9:11, 1st July 2020

The Armenian soprano Anush Hovhannisyan is one of opera’s fastest-rising young stars. As well as busy, successful singing career, she is one of the founders of  the recently launched Mascarade Opera Studio based in Florence, a thorough, immersive programme of training and mentorship that will prepare a new generation of operatic talent for the unique challenges of a 21st-century career in opera. In the July/August issue of Opera Now, she explains how young singers today are engaging in some fresh thinking about opera

‘At Mascarade we want to bring in the younger members of our industry [to tutor]. People who have had to grapple with the new and ever-changing order of the industry caused by financial upheaval, technological advancements and the development of varied management styles in recent years.’ Added to that bag of challenges is a whole new set of complications that performers will face in the age of Covid-19.

‘When I was starting out as a young singer, the most important thing for me was to talk to those who had made it in the business and to learn from their experience. Which doesn’t always mean people who have been around longest… Sometimes those who have gone through what we are about to face are the best people to ask, even if they are still relatively young. What’s certain is that times have changed: singers today need to be equipped with more than a beautiful voice to achieve success.’

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