Rhinegold 'Virtuous behaviour': the Banco di Fucino ensures the survival of Rome Opera

Harry White

Private bank provides ‘model support’ for Rome Opera

10:33, 13th May 2020

As the Covid-19 emergency continues in Italy, one of Rome’s oldest and most prominent private banks has come to the rescue of the Teatro dell’Opera in Rome, assuming the role of patron of the Rome Opera Foundation and making a substantial financial contribution that will help stem losses resulting from the pandemic, as well as supporting future seasons of performances.

Mauro Masi, president of Banca del Fucino, has signed a three-year collaboration agreement with the Rome Opera’s general director Carlo Fuortes, offering substantial financial support to the company at a time when the live entertainment sector in Italy has been paralysed by uncertainty about its future. All performing arts venues in Italy have been closed since 5 March with no clear idea of when they will be able to reopen again.

Fuortes  said, ‘The decision taken by Banca del Fucino to give the Rome Opera House sustained and significant support has both real and symbolic value as an example how the arts and business need to interact in future. For a private bank to decide to finance a closed theatre, for which there is currently no definite date for reopening, is truly virtuous behaviour, which we hope will be taken as a model and imitated by successful businesses in  Rome and elsewhere.’

Meanwhile, the Banca del Fucino’s support is aligned to the Rome Opera House’s  fundraising campaign ‘I love Rome Opera open’, launched on its website and via its social media channels to encourage companies and individuals who wish to make their closeness to the theatre felt by contributing to its future survival. The bank’s patronage will also go towards supporting the ‘Fabbrica’ ​​Young Artist Programme of the Teatro dell’Opera in Rome, now in its third year.







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