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Take an intimate tour around the enchanting home of an operatic legend

4:18, 26th August 2020


Chalet Monet: Inside the home of Dame Joan Sutherland and Richard Bonynge. Text by Richard Bonynge. Foreword by Marilyn Horne. Photography by Dominique Bersier

Melbourne Books, 304 pages






This beautifully illustrated book (with fabulous pictures by  Dominique Bersier) doesn’t just give readers a glimpse of Chalet Monet, the enchanting Swiss home of Dame Joan Sutherland and Richard Bonynge since the early 1960s. It takes you on a joyous, intimate journey through the lives of two of the past century’s most important couples in the operatic world.

Their welcoming home,  cosy despite its size, oozes joy from every room, wall, shelf and window sill, all of which  brim with collectibles – Staffordshire figurines, coloured glass, antique furniture and books, paintings, photos and memorabilia of past singers, dancers and actresses –  all passionately assembled over the years by Richard Bonynge, a compulsive collector.

Sir Noel Coward lived in a chalet just below and was destined to become not just a neighbour but one of their closest friends (click onto the video below to listen to Dame Joan singing ‘I’ll Follow My Secret Heart’ from Coward’s musical Conversation Piece). It was Coward suggested that Bonynge and Sutherland buy Chalet Monet…

To find out how Noel Coward led Dame Joan Sutherland to her dream house, read Opera Now‘s full review of Chalet Monet in our September/October 2020 issue. Subscribe today to receive the new issue.

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