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Test your wits in the Opera Now Quiz – No 2

4:14, 2nd September 2020

The Opera Now


Do you know your Puccini from your Ponchielli? Test your operatic wits with another fiendish set of questions, both quick and cryptic, from Opera Now’s editorial team

  1. Who made her operatic debut as Leonora in La forza del destino opposite Caruso at the Met in 1918?


  1. What was the last castrato role composed for the opera stage? Name the opera, character, composer and year.


  1. Verdian travel:
  • The Prologue of Simon Boccanegra is set in which city, and from which city had Boccanegra travelled to get there?
  • Act III of Rigoletto is set in which city; and in which city does Rigoletto tell Gilda he will meet her?
  • Otello takes place where; and from which city has Lodovico travelled there to give Otello a letter recalling him?

  1.  Which sweet-voiced Italian soprano shares a name with an even sweeter almond biscuit from Tuscany?


  1. Who dubbed Dorothy Dandridge’s singing voice in the film Carmen Jones?


  1. Who in real life was squire to the Duke of Norfolk and met Joan of Arc, and appears in operas by Salieri and Nicolai?


  1. Hoffmann and Lortzing both wrote operas about which character? (Tchaikovsky also dipped a toe into the water.)       


  1. Y viva España!   Your holiday might be cancelled, but:
  • Who travelled 96km from Seville to Hornacheulos?
  • Who travelled 609km from Burgos to Granada?
  • Who travelled 1,544km to Fontainebleau to San Jeronimo de Yuste for their next appearance (obviously pre-lockdown)?


  1. In which opera does a youthful aristocrat ape around and make a monkey out of everyone at a posh party?


  1. I composed an opera about Semiramide and I almost share a name with a great Renaissance artist, but for the lack of a Trio song. Who am I?


  1. What is the final word in this sequence? Grisi, Rubini, Tamburini, _______?     


  1. What opera is based on a classic American novella which also gave its name to a heavy metal group – but cut the noise, think small or go oft awry?


  1. Who sings the final words of Der Ring des Nibelungen?


  1. Who is overheard when he lets slip that he is leading his army through gorges? It could be a Californian wine region, thanks.  Sounds cushy to me!     


  1. Complete this sequence: Rigoletto Act III;  Die Meistersinger Act III, Sc.4;  Lucia di Lammermoor Act III, Sc.2:  ­­­­­————————.

  1. Two royal sisters witness scenes of mass murder – one an execution, one a massacre. Who is their mother?       




17. I was an Italian composer and my named after my artist grandfather: but I will not tolerate being called Nanette. Who am I?

  1. Who sings an aria from Richard Coeur-de-Lion, but in another opera?


  1. What classic French dessert is named after an operetta?  A delicious pairing.                         


  1. Who stays at the Inn of the Golden Lily, or Fleur-de-lis?


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