John Barnett

Test your wits in the Opera Now quiz

2:38, 4th May 2020

Do you know your Puccini from your Ponchielli? In our new May/June issue, Opera Now’s editorial team have put together a fiendish and intriguing set of questions for readers spending more time at home than usual. Time to test your wits…

  1. Toscanini loved this veritable avalanche of verismo so much that he named one of his daughters after it. What name do the opera and daughter share?
  2. I flow into the Tyrrhenian Sea and caused family mayhem in Altura. Who am I?
  3. Just add peach purée to this composer for a Renaissance hue.
  4. Despicable Kevin, Stuart and Bob share a name with a French opera. What is it?
  5. Beaumarchais famously provided the plays on which Mozart based Le nozze di Figaro and Rossini Il barbiere di Siviglia. But in which opera does the playwright himself appear and attempt to meddle with history?

The full quiz appears in the May/June issue of Opera Now. Subscribe today.

Solutions will be printed in the July/August issue of Opera Now and on our website in July.

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