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Sune Hjerrild, Truelinked CEO

Lucy Thraves


Truelinked, new home of Operabase, to launch platform for industry and audiences

4:14, 14th January 2019

In June 2018 Danish networking platform Truelinked acquired Operabase, the database of opera performers, houses and companies.

Now Truelinked is set to launch a new platform that makes data search optimisation openly available for each artist, creative, artist agency and art institution.

The company has stated that the new technology will ‘encourage the industry to be transparent so that it can be driven by knowledge, talent and expertise. By placing opera on the technical platforms of the 21st century, art houses and professionals can now draw on transparent data to inform, connect and inspire them.’

Young artists will benefit from ‘sections of the site where they can promote themselves, look for future engagements, gather fans, grow relationships within the opera community and crowdfund new projects’.

Established artists will be able to ‘monitor their own career and their relationships within the industry and build secure relationships within their own audience’; whereas art houses will be able to ‘announce and promote productions and future projects directly into the industry’.

Agents and artists managers, meanwhile, will be able to ‘monitor how their artists are developing and use the specialised data analytics generated by the platform to map their artists’ and indeed their own agency’s career trajectories’.

Sune Hjerrild, CEO of Truelinked, said: ‘At heart we are a tech company imagined and developed by those with a love for classical music, designed to make life much, much better for our community and industry.

‘We’re very excited to show you how you can transform and revolutionise your experience with the classical music community whether you are an artist, director, agent or simply a lover of opera.’


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