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MusicPlus: Roderick Williams

‘What this current crisis reveals to me is that there are enough people around who realise what a jewel live classical music performance is … Once it’s taken away people become aware of what it is they’re missing.’

Chris Gunness speaks to baritone Roderick Williams about coronavirus and its impact on the music industry. 

With thanks to SOMM Recordings for the music on this podcast. You can buy Roderick Williams and Susie Allan’s new disc Sir Arthur Somervell: A Shropshire Lad & Maud on  SOMM Recordings here: https://somm-recordings.com/recording/sir-arthur-somervell-a-shropshire-lad-maud/

Watch Roderick Williams and Lynn Arnold perform live on Saturday 30 May at 7pm as part of the London Mozart Players for At Home with LMP: www.londonmozartplayers.com/athome