Rhinegold Group operates at the heart of the music and performing arts sector, publishing industry-leading magazines, directories and supplements.

Together with our online services and events, Rhinegold Group is the heart of the music and performing arts sector.

The Group consists of two companies:

Rhinegold Publishing Ltd

Rhinegold Media & Events Ltd

Rhinegold Publishing

Rhinegold Publishing is one of the leading UK publishers for music and the performing arts.

We strive to offer news, reviews and opinion welcomed by our readers, respected by the music and performing arts sector, and valued by our commercial partners.

Rhinegold Publishing is driven by a commitment to high quality and guided by its belief in the necessity of integrity and independence in all of its publications.

Rhinegold Media

Rhinegold Media & Events Ltd has two divisions. The event portfolio consists of the Rhinegold LIVE recital series, Music & Drama Education Expo and the Music Teacher Awards for Excellence.

The media division is focused upon developing a range of digital products in partnership with its associate company, Rhinegold Publishing. The first of these, Rhinegold TV, was launched in 2015.