Derek Smith

Chairman and Publisher Department: Management Biography

Derek acquired the company in 2007 after a long and varied career.  Originally trained as an economist, he taught for a few years at Monash University, Victoria, before returning to London to work in Whitehall for several years, eventually leaving to join the Economist Intelligence Unit, for which he travelled extensively advising businesses on the impact of international economic developments, published regular industry research reports and chaired Government conferences in many countries.

Following three years in Hong Kong managing The Economist’s business in Asia/ Pacific, Derek again returned to London as MD of MAID, an online marketing data company of which he had been a founding NED, leaving after three years to pursue a portfolio career path which encompassed international aid consultancy, part time roles in US universities and  involvements in several small companies, culminating in his acquisition of Rhinegold.  He has held over two dozen directorships of companies in the US, Hong Kong & Singapore as well as the UK.  He holds a BA and PhD, lives in Somerset and is married with four children. He considers himself fortunate to be working for a company where he can indulge his life-long love of music and work with such talented people.