Current issue

September/October 2020

The basilica of the Cistercian monastery in the Polish town of Krzeszów houses a supreme example of the work of baroque organ builder Michael Engler; Anna Lapwood comes up for air after an organ virtual Bach-a-thon; a new organ edition and recording of a Mass by Pierre Villette is set to bring the work to public attention 50 years after it was completed; and Canterbury Cathedral’s new Harrison & Harrison organ.

Plus, the Lorelei Ensemble’s transforming agenda; interpreting the organ works of Correa de Arauxo; remembering the 17th-century composer Isabella Leonarda in her 400th anniversary year; inside the workshop of organ builders Flentrop Orgelbouw; David Hill on singing rhythmically; the Tuscan city of Lucca, birthplace of Puccini; and our scholarships & voice trials supplement.

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