Current issue

February 2020

Lyrical virtuoso Benjamin Grosvenor releases his new album of Chopin piano concertos; exploring the otherworldly extremes of Liszt’s music; how to respond to pianists behaving badly; Norma Fisher revels in the inherent theatricality of Debussy’s first Étude in our piano masterclass, plus scores by Paderewski and Francis Pott.

Plus, piano performances reign supreme at the Beijing Music Festival, including the unveiling of a new concerto; online courses and learning resources for pianists; how to shape phrases with confidence and conviction; multifaceted pianist Burkard Schliessmann on Schumann, synaesthesia and scuba; fluid swing pianist Eddie Heywood; lamenting the decline of comedy inspired by classical piano; Romanian pianist Iulia Marin; and Roger Vignoles reveals the recordings that sparked his career as an accompanist.

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