• Metropolitan Opera |The trouble with the turntable
  • Metropolitan Opera | Leontyne Price on opening the new Met
  • Metropolitan Opera | The story behind the chandeliers
  • The Grange Festival 2018

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Current issue: November/December 2020

Maria Callas’s influence in the opera world continues to burn brightly long after her death. The superlatives began during her own lifetime: ‘Not just unequalled – unequalable!’ exclaimed legendary Italian director Luchino Visconti when asked to describe her. The Italian press christened her ‘La Divina’, emphasising a metaphysical dimension that sets Callas apart as an artist. What is it about this extraordinary woman who gave opera a new impetus and meaning for a post-war generation? And where are the Callases of today? Opera Now investigates the enduring mystique of this inspirational figure....
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