Current issue

Autumn 2 2019/20

In the second edition of Drama & Theatre magazine, we explore your students’ career prospects with advice from the Creative Industries Federation and some case-study success stories from former drama students now working outside the theatre industry. We meet Willy Russell, one of the UK’s best-loved playwrights, and explore new theatre work inspired by young people (Youthquake), and featuring them (in the Almeida Young Company).

The Primary section of the magazine introduces an approach to opera for young students and a production bringing children’s classic Oi Frog to the stage; we interrogate the value of High School Editions in the Performing Arts section and explore theatre apprenticeships in the Backstage and Technical section. Plus, a focus on theatre practitioners Forced Entertainment and the introduction of 11 plays for performance or study; and reviews of live and filmed theatre, a workshop and mind-map learning resources.

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