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Access Entertainment donates £300,000 to drama education charity, Masterclass

1:55, 27th June 2019

The new owner of the Royal Theatre Haymarket is to donate a large sum to the venue’s in-house charity, Masterclass

Access Entertainment’s generous donation of £300,000 will allow the charity – which specialises in providing masterclasses, careers advice, apprenticeships and performance experience for young people aged 16-30 – to improve its digital presence, especially with regard to online streaming, making theatre education more accessible for young people across the U.K. In addition, the charity is looking to relaunch its apprenticeship scheme as well as develop a Masterclass company and new shows.

To celebrate Masterclass’s continued contribution to arts education, Ed Sheeran will also be performing at the Royal Theatre Haymarket on 14 July with all proceeds being donated to the charity.

President of Access Entertainment, Danny Cohen says: ‘When we bought the theatre last year, for us, an important part of it was the Masterclass charity and all of the work it does to develop new talent, create opportunities for and inspire new talent. It’s a charity that has a long-term association with the theatre and does terrific work, so we wanted to keep finding ways to support it. In doing this we’re able to give it stability for the coming years, which will allow the charity to operate at its most effective….Because the wider Access Industries group also owns Warner Music, and Ed Sheeran is one of the great artists from Warner Music, we’re hoping that other Warner Music artists will also agree to do these intimate shows at the Haymarket in aid of Masterclass’

Masterclass’s programme director, Blayne George adds, ‘This generous donation will go a long way to ensuring we are able to continue nurturing creativity in the next generation of theatre makers, as well as opening the door for those who may not see theatre as an accessible or viable career path.’

For more information visit:  https://trh.co.uk/

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