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Eleanor Philpot

Drama, Theatre and Young People Manifesto announced

5:28, 27th November 2019

National Drama, London Drama and more call for every young person to have access to Drama education through new manifesto.

Launched on 19 November, and developed by the likes of Action for Children’s Arts, London Drama, London Theatre Consortium, National Drama, NST (Nuffield Southampton Theatres), SCUDD (The Standing Conference of University Drama Departments) and Theatre Education Forum, the manifesto, entitled: Drama, Theatre and Young People asks the government to prioritise Drama education.

In order to make a Dramatic education possible for every child, the manifesto calls for high quality teaching and theatre experiences, young people to be supported as they enter the theatre workforce and for a world class infra-structure to be embedded into Drama & Theatre education.

To find out more and read the full manifesto, visit: https://dramatheatremanifesto.co.uk/

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