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LAMDA and Audible announce creative partnership

1:58, 25th July 2018

The London Academy of Music and Dramatic Arts (LAMDA) has entered into a creative partnership with Audible UK. This collaboration will see Audible provide LAMDA with £150,000 in funding over the next three years to help support upcoming actors.

Joanna Read, principal of LAMDA says: ‘We are delighted that this new partnership has come to fruition. Here at LAMDA we are committed to providing students with diverse and varied training which will set them up for a career in an industry which is constantly evolving. This new collaboration will offer our talented students an exciting opportunity to develop skills within an increasingly growing field of performing arts.’

Part of the fund will be used to provide a single scholarship place covering all three years of tuition fees to a LAMDA student who is both in need of financial assistance and has an interest in audio recording. The first recipient of this scholarship, Alistair Nwachukwu, explained ‘I had my audition, and about two or three days afterwards they called me in. I came in to LAMDA and the Head of Drama offered me a place – I started to cry, and I said ‘thank you very much’, and then he ‘We also want to offer you a three year scholarship,’ and I was just speechless. I think LAMDA and Audible coming together is just such a great idea. It’s a great opportunity for a student not to have in the back of their minds the debts they might have to deal with; and just to be free to immerse themselves in the work.’ Of audio drama, he said ‘I think it’s the new way of storytelling – it’s only recently that technology’s changing and the generations are changing, that I’ve started to notice it. Driving to work or being in the gym you can’t read a book, but you can put on Audible and listen to a novel or a play, and it’s such an easy way to immerse yourself in a story.’

Audible’s experience as a leading producer of audio entertainment will also be used to develop specialist training across a number of workshops, to be delivered at its studios. Participants can expect to be given training around microphone technique and assistance in creating voice reels, and will also receive career advice from top industry professionals. LAMDA’s own new facilities, which it moved into in 2017, will be installed with state-of-the-art technology to support their mission of delivering innovative performing arts training.

In addition, the partnership will see the development of new audio dramas that are specifically targeted at young people, something for which Audible believes there to be a growing demand which is not being met. Tracey Markham, Audible UK’s country manager, says: ‘We are hugely excited to partner with LAMDA to support and train young actors. At Audible we are honoured to work with the world’s finest actors, and we are passionate about nurturing the next generation of talent. Now we look forward to working with LAMDA to inspire and train today’s most promising young actors and to bring new voices to our global audience of listeners.’

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