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The London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art in Hammersmith

Eleanor Philpot

LAMDA cuts fees for first round of auditions

5:48, 5th November 2019

The recent cuts to auditions fees has been announced alongside other amendments to the audition process making it more accessible and transparent.

After taking up the post of director at the London Academy Music and Dramatic Art (LAMDA) Sarah Frankcom has made some significant changes to the audition process. These amendments include: a considerable cut to the administration fee for the initial audition, which is now £12 (meaning that only those who progress far in the process will face larger fees), a newly created audition team who are made up of arts practitioners with current industry knowledge to ensure relevancy, and free waivers and travel bursaries.

Initial auditions will continue to be held in 11 cities UK, Ireland and France, ensuring that geographical location will not hinder a young actor’s chances of success.

Sarah Frankcom, director of LAMDA says: ‘This is about removing the barriers to finding the best talent across the country for our acting schools. It is all about creating greater opportunity. For too long we have talked about removing barriers to students from challenging and low-income backgrounds, but the cost of the first audition for these aspiring actors has too easily been a barrier to them seeking their chance to audition. LAMDA wants to demonstrate the importance to the industry of slashing the cost of that vital first audition.’

Benedict Cumberbatch, president of LAMDA says: ‘I am so excited to see that Sarah’s first step as the new Director of LAMDA has been to open up the doors to greater opportunity for students from the toughest backgrounds. We need to make sure that training for the stage, film and television is opened up and that we take down barriers to young people with enormous talent and potential who might have been put off by a first audition fee that was unaffordable.”

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