Eleanor Philpot

Mountview launches online showcase reel for graduates

7:54, 27th March 2020

To help support third-year students as they graduate into uncertain times, the Mountview Academy of Theatre Arts has set up a digital platform where students can showcase their talents.

The platform will be available for agents and casting directors to peruse, ensuring that current third year students will not miss out on important career opportunities.

Mountview has said about the project: ‘We are working closely with the students on [this], and will release the completed platform to casting directors, agents and other key industry members by the end of April.’

The platform will include self-taped monologues as well as songs and accompaniment work.

Mountview added, ‘We have already agreed with our partners University of East Anglia and Trinity College London how our students’ work will be academically assessed to make sure they receive the qualifications for which they have worked so hard over the past three years…It is equally important that we provide the best possible showcase of our students to the industry.’

To find out more, visit: www.mountview.org.uk

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