Rebecca Pizzey

Editorial assistant

The MTA launches #auditionfromhome initiative

3:30, 1st November 2017

The Musical Theatre Academy (MTA) has announced the launch of its #auditionfromhome initiative, in partnership with the Shoot Me! app, to facilitate online auditions for its 2018 intake.

The #auditionfromhome initiative will see prospective students given early exposure to the process of self-taping, while also reducing high audition costs.

‘For some time we’ve been looking at a way to reduce costs for applicants,’ said Annemarie Lewis Thomas, the principal and CEO of the MTA. ‘The industry is all about self-tapes at the moment and as the only MT college to offer a 50/50 stage/screen split we felt that this was the perfect vehicle for our latest initiative, #auditionfromhome.

‘We have always invested in our applicants, for example every applicant receives written feedback, but we wanted to go that extra mile. We are mindful that the audition costs quickly mount up when you’re looking at travel and accommodation too.

‘Partnering with Shoot Me! was a no-brainer. The app is destined to become the industry standard for creating self-tapes.’

Further information can be found by going to www.themta.co.uk/auditionfromhome

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