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Rebecca Pizzey

Editorial assistant

Shakespeare’s Globe launches new apprenticeships

8:55, 29th August 2017

In a fresh bid to enforce its commitment to equal opportunities and arts access for young people, Shakespeare’s Globe in June launched four year-long apprenticeship programmes, to run from September. The apprenticeships are aimed at 16 to 19 year olds from diverse backgrounds.

The new programme has been secured by funding from the 2016 ICAP Charity Day, and will see the Globe targeting marginalised groups, those at risk of offending, young people in the care system, and people not currently in education or employment.

Once selected, each apprentice will work within one of four Globe departments: communications or exhibition, education, theatre, and tour. They will be supported by a Globe mentor throughout, and following the conclusion of their apprenticeships, each of them will work with a pathways and outreach coordinator to develop relationships within the community and the industry, to secure and maintain future employment.

‘Shakespeare’s Globe wants to open doors in all senses,’ said Neil Constable, chief executive at the Globe. ‘We are setting new standards and creating life-changing opportunities. Welcoming four apprentices for a year-long programme will help to address diversity in the industry and broaden skills for those who are most marginalised.’

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