Thousands of Miles | Kate Lindsey with Baptiste Trotignon PARTNER CONTENT


Thousands of Miles, Kate Lindsey’s new album with jazz pianist Baptiste Trotignon, featuring music by émigré composers of the 20th-century is released by Alpha Records (ALPHA 272).

Warwick Thompson chats to her in our July/August issue and introduces the disc below:

“The range Kate Lindsey displays on her new disc Thousands of Miles is astonishingly varied. The recital is a brilliant Vienna Secession-meets-jazz-meets-Broadway programme of Weill, Zemlinsky and Korngold; and along with a shining account of a luscious song by Alma Mahler, it contains a raw, growly mezzo-profundo version of ‘Pirate Jenny’ that’s so full of anger it’ll make your teeth rattle. ‘It felt scary to sing it that way, down the octave. It’s so unoperatic. But it’s so much more true to the sensibility of the piece.’ It seems extraordinary that the singer who can float Straussian phrases with such exquisite control can also rasp out a sound like sandpaper on concrete.”

Catch the full interview in Opera Now July/August.